How We Started

How We Started

Our business was founded on a heartfelt desire to prevent injustices faced by loved ones and friends who faced the consequences of being incarcerated. Our founder had seen a close friend go through the distressing experience of being arrested and not having the means to secure their release. This unfortunate circumstance resulted in the loss of a job, relationship, home, and even custody of their children.

Motivated to prevent such heartbreaking experiences from occurring again, our founder launched Off The Chain Bailbonds, a dedicated bail bonds agency with over 20 years of experience. Our aim is to provide access to professional services that ensure reliable, confidential, and successful outcomes for our clients.

The concept of off-the-chain bailbonds is rooted in the realization that, without the support and guidance of a reliable agency, being incarcerated can lead to devastating consequences. Recognizing the transformative power of being released 'off the chain,' our agency is dedicated to providing aid and support to those in need. Through our commitment and expertise, we strive to ensure that every individual has a fair chance to have a successful life after jail.

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